Laos Green Mango & Chili Salad

Cycling in the sticky heat of South East Asia the ubiquitous bowl of steaming noodles found in every village and town can often seem like a sweat inducing lunch too far. But needing to keep hydrated and energy levels up, food should never be shunned.

To help whet my appetite for the noodle soups a fresh salad often cools me down ready for the next course and this green mango salad is a favorite of mine in Laos. Simple to make and using ingredients that are found in the most rural kitchens, this refreshing salad combines the best of sweet and sour South East Asian flavors. Green mango (unripe) can be found in any Asian food market and can also be replaced with green papaya but I will add that recipe soon.

In a bowl, add sugar, fish sauce and shrimp paste. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Add chilies and red onions and mix well. Add mixture to a bowl of shredded mango and toss. Top with crushed toasted peanuts.


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  1. Sarah Havey

    Hi there Tom at least this one I get all the ingredients in Waitrose!!!!!! even the blender!!

  2. Paul S Brown

    Made it for the 3rd annual Tooting Chili contest, went down a treat! None left.

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