Laos Fish Larp/Larb

The Italians have pizza, the Germans a schnitzel, the Israelis love humus and the Mexicans a taco, but here in Laos it seems the undisputed national dish is Laap. Pronounced ‘larp’ this tasty dish is barley known outside of South East but here in Laos it is available in almost every town and a trip to Lao would not be complete with trying it. For one it is a combination of fresh flavors and ingredients and two the people of Lao believe laap to be lucky. It is common for Lao families to prepare laap if a relative is going away or making a journey and it is also prepared at many traditional ceremonies.

A versatile national dish a laap can be made with either beef, chicken, pork, cow intestine or fish. A simple recipe to prepare most of the time is spent chopping but the results are a well worth the work. This recipe is for a traditional fish laap that is best served with some sticky rice.

  1. Remove any skin from fish and strips. Then cut the strips into cm size chunks.
  2. Add a third of a cup of water to a hot wok. Add the fish and Sauté fish quickly adding a few shakes of fish sauce for good measure. Remove from the heat and leave to cool until luke warm
  3. In the meantime put on the radio and shred the lemongrass, chop and deseed the chili, thinly slice the shallots, finely chop the dill and mint add these to the wok and toss lightly.
  4. Now add the lime and a couple more shakes of fish sauce into the mix and stir through. Lastly sprinkle one heaped tablespoon of toasted rice powder into the mix.
  5. Serve with some chopped cabbage leaves and sticky rice.

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