Loas Bamboo Fresh Bamboo Shoot Salad

Cycling in Northern Laos the food could get a little repetitive. As one of the poorest parts of South East Asia the diet is very simple and every meal comes served with handfuls of the local staple, sticky rice. In order to add variety to their rice the locals here prepare small dishes of meat and vegetables that are pinched up with each mouth full of rice. Soaking up the  juices and spices from these small dishes the rice is transformed into something else!

Having followed a dirt road along the banks of the Mekong where  Laos meets Burma I was lucky enough to find this dish in the busy market in Luang Namtha. Bamboo shoots

1. Add a small glug of water to a saucepan and heat gently. Add the shredded bamboo shoots and gently simmer for 60 seconds and then turn off the heat.

2. Now squeeze in the lime juice, add the fish sauce, garlic sugar all the remaining ingredients, stir well, turn out on to a plates and serve garnished with any remaining coriander.


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