Kaa Feh Lao – (Lao Coffee)

‘All I want from life is to ride my bike, be in love and drink good coffee’ – The Hungry Cyclist.

Sleeping rough and cycling make me a tired boy and getting out of my hammock in the early hours is never easy. With stiff limbs and a tired mind the first few miles of the day are often the hardest and coffee is never far from my mind. A good cup of coffee is a cycle tourists medicine and thankfully here in Laos it is in abundance.

Good arabica and robusta coffee beans are grown in Laos, with the majority coming from the high fertile plantations of the Bolavan Plateau. Lieing almost 1500 meters above the Mekong Valley this fertile region of waterfalls and rivers produces nearly 10,000 tones of the good stuff eahc year and although most of the beans are exported a good cup of coffee is not hard to find. Filtred through a saggy piece of material and served sweetened with condensed milk a good Kaa Feh Lao should be so think you can float a nail in it!

Here is how to make your own at home.


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