John Pilkington – First European to Reach the Source of the Mekong

Other than working out how I am going to get into Tibet, obtain a Chinese visa in Cambodia and or perhaps on arrival at the border, one of the most time consuming aspects of my planning is determining where the source of the Mekong actually is and how to get there.

Due to the current Chinese reluctance to allow any lone travelers into South East China, let alone Tibet very few people have ever been to the source and where it is has been the cause of great debate in recent years. The river has more than one spiritual source recognized by locals, but the geographic source of the Mekong River (Langcang Jiang) was officially recognized by the Commission for Integrated Survey of Natural Resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in October 1999 as being located at an altitude of 5224 meters (17,135 feet) at the foot of the glacier that discharges into Lasagongma Creek on the north side of Guosongmucha Mountain (5514 m or 18,086 ft), 94 41 44 E longitude and 33 42 31 N latitude.

However one intrepid explorer who has made it to the source is John Pilkington. Who in 2003 became the first European to reach its source. His website give some great information on his trip as well of detail of his other adventures and lectures.

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