Is it a bird? Is It a Plane? No it’s…

…Bicycle Repair Man

Fed up
with an indifferent 'youth' in
Halford's still coming down from a disco-biscuit binge the night before? Or
perhaps you have had enough of the over-exaggerated 'Ooohs' and 'Ahhhs' of the
man in
Evans who is going to charge you 25 quid to fix a puncture. Well look no
further. Just call Bicycle Repair Man…

Gifted to us by the comic 'genii' who gave us The Life of Brian, Dead Parrots and Spam, lots of Spam, comes Bicycle Repair Man.  Alternatively, if having a Lycra-clad Python fiddling with your bottom bracket doesn't spin your wheels, you could get some online training from the experts at Park Tooland figure out how to do some simple repairs at home. Or to realy get your hands dirty get in touch with your local cycling club and get booked onto local a training course. Your Local Council may have information too. 

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