How To Cycle To Work And Look Chic – Times Online

Here is a link to a good article in The Sunday in The Times by Ruby Warrington. 

How to cycle to work and look chic – Times Online .

Working from home these days I am a little out of touch with the 'does and do nots' of turning up to high-powered meetings on a bicycle. Apparently looking as though you have just had sex in a wind turbine is not going to impress your colleagues and clients and with this in mind Ruby Warrington's article focuses on the brave women who take to our streets on bicycles commuting to work each day. 

'the dilemmas! Squeeze your handbag into a rucksack and risk a sweaty back, or put it in a wobbly wicker basket on your front handlebars and risk having it stolen? Dress normally and hope your nice trench coat doesn’t get caught in the spokes, or brave cycling shorts and hope you don’t cycle past anyone you know or — worse — fancy?'

Being somewhat deficient in X chromosomes, I rarely put any thought into what I wear when out in the saddle and had no idea such consideration needed to be made each morning. As long as its comfortable and its not Lycra I'm happy, but reading the the case studies in Ruby's article it appears that cycling fashion is now a hot topic. 


Always a purveyor of 'if its never in fashion  - its never out of fashion' my pedal-powered wardrobe is limited. None the less, I cant help feel lifted that fashion and cycling are being discussed in the same breath. Surely this is a key sign to all that cycling in the UK is, at long last, taking on the status of being in the main stream. 

Digging a little deeper, the evidence is everywhere. Duffy can be seen on our screens pedalling, rather uncomfortably, around a supermarket looking for Coca Cola and websites like Cycle Chic, Dashing Tweeds, and the mighty Rapha are all reporting more and more sales. At last it seems cycling has shaken off its image of Lycra wrapped geeks and is now 'trendy'. And so it should be. Cycling is good for you and the environment and there is nothing cooler than that.


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