How do you ride a bike in the snow? – Helen Pidd The Guardian

Check out this great article from Helen Pidd in The Guardian
Helen Pidd: Quiet little backstreets and cycle lanes were a slippery disaster today. Is there a special knack to navigating white-covered roads? | Comment is free | .
I took to the streets yesterday on my heavy, steel frame touring bike and had many of the same problems Helen describes. Leaving Tooting after lunch, by the time I reached the river I had come off three times sliding up the road Jürgen Klinsmann style as I flew over the handlebars.
However once I was on the well gritted roads north of the river, the challenge was behind me. The roads were black and dirty with pullution and the only problem endured were the waves of Slush Puppy that were thrown up from the wheels of cars and vans racing around town and the occasional snow ball.

Bt the time I was home it was dark, my feet were cold and wet but being able to cycle in London’s relatively quiet streets when covered in snow, was worth every skid, slide and snowball. In answer to Helen’s question How do you ride in the snow, many of hr readers have already left ideas below her article. I would suggest taking it easy, going slow, staying light in your pedals and if you do come off try a Klinsmann.

Go Safe

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  1. How do I ride in the snow? Slowly :)
    Love the site. Sounds like you have quite the dream job!

  2. How do I ride in the snow ? With absolutely no problems whatsoever as the cycle paths and roads here are kept clear of it.
    It’s been barely above freezing since early December. Lots of thaw and re-freeze, but no slipperiness.

  3. hi Dottiemany thanks for the kind words and I hope you’re taking it easy on those ice ‘ y roads. All well here and just working on the book. Its not a bad job but it has its moments. Mostly when you question wether it is a job or not? but as my dad always says – musnt grumble…Tom Kevill-Davies
    The Hungry Cyclist – Pedalling The World For The Perfect Meal

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