Hermica – herbiscus flower blossom cordial

Contrary to the belief of many paranoid Americans who caravan down the Baja of California in search of sun and Margaritas Mexicans take great pride in eating and preparing clean fresh food.This reassuring culinary concern is made perfectly clear by the fact that it is impossible to get hold of a fish taco after one in the afternoon.

Competition amongst taco vendors is fierce and no self respecting taco stand owner is going to risk his reputation on the off chance of poisoning his customers with fish that is no longer fresh. There is perhaps no better way to spend a warm Mexican evening than sitting on a busy street corner enjoying a brace of grilled beef tacos, smothered in fresh salsa and guacamole washed down with an ice cold bottle of cerveca (beer). However never being one of those thirsty few who like to sip a beer in the morning, here is a recipe for what I believe is the perfect libation for washing down that first succulent fish taco of the day. This Hermica recipe makes 4 liters of hermica concentrate that can then be diluted as you wish.

1. Place the blossoms in a large pan with 2 liters of water and bring top the boil.

2. Leave to cool for a few minutes and then strain the dark red liquid into a jug. Place the now wet blossoms back in the pan add two more liters of water and bring to the boils again.

3. Pour new contents in with the previous.

4. Refrigerate.

5. Uses like any other cordial with. Dilute with water four parts water 1 part cordial and add sugar to taste.

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