Grilled Chicken Hearts

After a midweek ride to may favorite turkish restaurant Mangal in Dalston, I fired up the BBQ this weekend determined to add a Middle Eastern flavor to the afternoon. Homemade humous, babaganoush, lamb kofta, and were all on the menu as well as grilled chicken hearts. 

Eeeeeew! I hear you cry but do not be put off. These tiny poultry tickers are a treat when grilled and in these lean economic times they are a steal. Coming in at £2.50 a kilo in my local butcher, you will have more than enough for six people. Simply slide you hearts onto some bamboo skewers, season well and grill for a few minutes until brown on each side. (too long on the grill and your hearts will be a bit tough) 

Serve with a little squeeze of lime juice and some hot sauce and I guarantee your heart will be won over. 

Chciken hearts

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  1. I have always enjoyed chicken hearts, but my brother and I got off to a shaky start with our first attempt. Read the thrilling details:
    “The Tale of the Detonating Chicken Hearts”
    (Keep your spokes tight and your gear light)

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