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“Rivers and the inhabitants of the watery elements are made for wise men to contemplate and for fools to pass by without consideration.” – Izaac Walton

One of the questions I am asked most often by friends or when public speaking is what luxuries do I allow myself to take when I am cycle touring. Weight on a bicycle is imperative, life on the road can be hard and lonely, and with little to no space left in the panniers once you have stuffed them with clothes, tools, tents and food what luxuries you take must be small and worth the extra effort.

One of the joys of cycle touring is being able to trim my life down to a few bare essential, but I also appreciate a little luxury once in a while and anything that helps me while away those long lonely hours and helps me enjoy my own company gets my vote.

A small radio, watercolor set, herbs and spices, a good camera and MP3 player always come with me now and for this trip up the Mekong it seemed only right to invest in one more treat. A fishing rod. A keen fisherman as a youngster until now my bicycles and fishing rods have not gone together well, but after some intensive web research I have found the solution to cycle touring and fishing.

The Shimano Exage AX STC Mini Tele spinning rod is the perfect cycle touring fishing rod. Well built, light-weight and packing down to a tiny 30cm (that’s school ruler small) , it stows away in its own tough case ready for a bumpy ride on the back of the bike.

Along with my tiny Shakespeare reel and a simple box of lures, hooks, floats and jigs I hope to be joining locals on the river banks, enjoying quite evenings watching the sun go down behind the Mekong and fishing. And if all goes to plan and I’ll catch some Mekong fish, cook them up and share the recipes here with you.

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  1. The Shimano is good, but my preference is still the G Loomis

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