Go Bag A Bickerton

A Pashley tandem, a Thorn Raven, a Charlton single-speed, a Moulton Midi, a Treck 1000, a Balmoral Hercules. As if six bikes were not enough for one Hungry Cyclist yesterday I was lucky enough to bag myself a Bickerton.

Much to my house mates dismay, who have to stumble over this shabby stable of steel steads every morning, I now own a folding bike. Designed by Harry Bickerton and manufactured between 1971 and 1991 the Bickerton was the first genuinely portable folding bicycleMade completely of aluminum this light weight retro beuty looks more suited for 1970's space travel, and when onboard it has the handling qualities of a damp noodle. However now that Eurostar allow a fold up bikes to be carried for free and you can get a return for £59, what better opportunity for The Hungry Cyclist to take on the cycling and food of Paris.

As the self proclaimed centre of the gastronomic universe and the birth place of the velocipede, in the first week of June I will cycle to St Pancreas, fold up my Bickerton and then show those Parisians what cycling and style are all about. For recipes, photos and tales from The Hungry Cyclist's Bickerton tour of Paris do keep an eye on the blog.

Click here for more on the fascinating history of folding bikes


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  1. How do you find it ? I found it an odd ride. Huge gearing so that you had to ride with either a really low cadence or at speeds which were terrifying with those wibbly wobbly handlebars…

  2. pretty terrifying but fun at the same time. only had a couple of ride but taking to the pub this evening so wish me luck! x
    Tom Kevill-Davies
    The Hungry Cyclist – Pedalling The World For The Perfect Meal
    t. 0789 621 5282

  3. I imagine it is a lot of fun. I didn’t actually mean to sound so negative. Despite it’s “quirkiness”, I nearly bought one on several occasions. Anyway, enjoy the beer.

  4. Bill McCracken

    Hi Hungry Cyclist,
    Just Googled Bickerton and caught your Blog. I used to ride the Bickerton 3 speed followed by the 5 speed round the Schools in Tower Hamlets and the City from the late 70s until 1980 when the ILEA ended. ( Hairy !, but beat the tubes and buses) Now 70 yrs and retired BUT 20 mins ago bought a Bickerton Country Model, bigger wheels and tyres, on Ebay for £100. Haven’t seen it yet but will pick it up this week and let you know how it is to ride. Hope to use it with my Motorhome and for excercise generally. Keep peddlin, Bill.

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