Bank Holiday Burgers & The Tree House Diaries

Burgers stuffed with blue cheese on a bank holiday – there is a god! Alas after a few glorious days of sunshine that same god has now decided to now sprinkle our little islands with rain. This not only means my Bank Holiday Burgers discovered on Tiffany Goodall's super new blog will have to wait until the sun has got his hat back on on, but also that I will be having to pack my waterproofs as I ride for a secret location in Sussex for a three night stay in a tree house with forager and author Nick Weston. 

Nick is a real foodie and has just completed building a tree house that he is now going to live in for the next six months. Going completely back to basics, as well as living from the forrest and residing in the trees, Ewock style, Nick is also keeping a first class blog so we can all monitor his progress and sit at home wishing we were as brave as he was. The Tree House Diaries is well worth a visit and later in the week I will be posting pictures, recipes and tales about my stay in the tree tops.

Click the link below for Tiffany's great Bank Holiday burger recipe.

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