FT.com / UK – Thrifty commuters ride economic cycle

More good news for cycling in this Sundays Papers. Although most of the copy this week in the FT has been of a gloomy nature this article provided a ray of good hope for urban cycling in the UK. Robert Wright, the FT's Transport Correspondent, pointed at many issues that signal the green shoots of recovery are being seen in the cycling industry as commuters in Britain's cities are getting on their bikes to cut travel costs during the economic downturn

Robert's article is packed with promising quotes from cycling industry gurus such as Chris Peck, policy co-ordinate for the CTC, who said.

"In the City of London, he said, investment banks moving offices would now sometimes ask for 150 cycle stands and only a dozen spaces for cars."

However, Robert's article also states that due to the slow down in the economy, the sales of new bikes is likely to dip in the following months, with many opting to invest in second-hand bikes or restore the old bone-shaker hiding in the shed. Of course it would be a huge surprise for cycling to remain unaffected by the credit crunch, and the idea of forgotten bicycles being resurrected from dead fills me with joy, but the rise in demand for second hand machines could throw up some problems. Mainly an increase in bike crime in our cities that is already on the rise. 

In these hard times a bike is an easy way to make a few quid, and with many sold easily on the Internet I only hope that the powers that be dedicate enough resource and extra policing and secure areas to lock bicycles so that the honest can be kept honest.

To read the article in full click this link. FT.com / UK – Thrifty commuters ride economic cycle.

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