Flowers Of The Negev – Gallery

Located in southern Israel and considered a historically significant area, the Negev Desert is home to a robust plant life that covers five distinct geographic regions. Ranging in elevation from sea level to mountainous, the Negev Desert is diverse in landscape but compact in size, allowing for an unusually large variety of plants.

The Negev Desert’s autumn crocus, or Sternbergia clusiana blooming in autumn (as its name implies) The crocus is a relic of the eastern Mediterranean and Irano-Turanian species, and specimens can be found in isolated areas of the Negev. While mountain biking with friends at The Ben-Gurion Campus for Desert Research we stumbled across various patches of these bright yellow cup – like flowers that burst through this otherwise barren and arid landscape. The simple fact of their existence seemed to symbolize those who flourish in adversity (with huge thanks to Ziv Sherzer)

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