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Not the best of weekends for The Hungry Cyclist. With the deadline for my book on Monday, it was time for the final proof read which means the best part of three days have to be spent re reading a book I have now reread three time this month. Mind numbing stuff, and far to east to get distracted but its reading well and in a few weeks I to hold the final product in my paws. 

So while enjoying a little procrastination from chapter seven this afternoon I was happy to stumble into the wonderful Family On Bikes, a website dedicated a family who are making the long ride from Alaska to the tip of Argentina. A mum, dad and two ten-year-old twin team, they are currently powering through Mexico and no doubt feasting on some family sized plates of chile rellano and hundreds of tacos. 

Cycling family

Home schooling their two boys along the way, reading the Vogle's website was an inspiration and having done the most of my travel alone the Hungry Cyclist is now on the look out for a Mrs Hungry Cyclist ready for a little  procreation and taking to the road for some family fun. All offers welcome.

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  1. harrie

    bloody hell that’s brave, with two 10 year olds!
    how did the proofing go? i thought proofing my dissertation was bad!!

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