Eton Mess

London Fashion Week kicks off this week, showcasing the very best London's deisgners, models and make up artist have to offer. Cementing our fine capitals reputation as the capital of cool, models of all shapes and sizes will be strutting their stuff on the catwalk. Rumours are that this year cycling is chic, but how is our major helping out. once again 

But what is our dear Major doing to help promote London as the capital of cool. Well when hes not shuffeling around the birds nest stadium in Bejing with his hands in his pockets, he's cruising our streets on his bike looking like a mess. 

And so to ceibrate our majors complete lack of fashion sence and in honour of his piblic school education here is a recipe for the English summer classic Eton mess.

Mash the strawberries with a little sugar and port, and fold in broken meringues and softly whipped cream.

The Major of London

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