ET Inspires Hoy For Olympic Gold

Who ever said watching too many movies was bad? While my mother was busy teling me to get out doors and not to stare blank eyed at the box, Chris Hoy was shedding a tear in front of Stephen Speilburgs alien epic and hatching plans for cycling world domination. 

"It was the film ET which first kindled my interest in bikes… and now here I am training 30 hours a week," 

said Hoy, the new BBC Sports Personalitey of the Year.

As a fresh-faced six year old when Steven Spielberg's alien visitor with the glow-in-the-dark finger first graced our screens in 1982, Hoy could not get enough of Eliot taking off into the darkness to evade the clutches of evil goverment agents.

"The BMX scenes were fantastic so I pestered my dad into taking me along to the local track at Danderhall where I saw all these kids having terrific fun. That was it, I was hooked and it all sort of spiralled from there."

Over 20 years later there are no wide-eyed aliens perched on Chris Hoy's handle bars and the only people he evades are those caught in his slip-stream, but it's great to hear that such huge achievements can come from such incoent beginnings. No doubt many children will be unwrapping shiny new bikes this Christmas and who knows if E.T is on the telly Chris Hoy might have his work cut out holding onto those medals. To try and inspire a few more to take-off on their new bikes this Christmas here is a little snippet from E.T.

Read more about Sir Hoy's extraterrestrial motivations at the links below.

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