Eating The Tour De France Stage 6: Girona – Barcelona. Pa Amb Tomaquet

Today the Tour de France does to Spain. The great race doesnt come this way often, but as the riders cut the Catalan country side you can be sure the proud Cataloinians will line the streets waving their traditional yellow and red flags. 

But what is the Tour dde France doing in Spain I hear you cry? Well, although the Tour is almost entirely in France, but in the past, it has also gone through or started in other countries. Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Spain, the UK  and Italy have all hosted the great race and this year the tour started in the mini Principality of Monaco. The Spannish almost love their cycling as much as thieir French cousins and they are pretty keen on their food too and Spannish restauranst have been awarded no less than 134 Michelen stars. But here at The Hungry Cyclist we don’t care too much for fancy food. It’s simple local recipes that we are after and so todays Tour de France Recipe is Pa Amb Tomquet. One of the simplest and yet most delicious Catalan dishes ‘pa amb tomaque’t is a large slice of fresh country bread rubbed with tomato and garlic and drizzled with virgin olive oil. It may be topped with Iberian ham, cheese or anchovies and is just the kind of cheap, tasty snack I would be eating if cycle touring in Spain.

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  1. Chris

    One of my favourite starters. There’s something so satisfying in the simplicity of the ingredients and the hands-on preparation.

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