Eating The Tour De France Stage 5: Cap d’Agde – Perpignan. Boles de Picolat

Still on the Mediterranean coast, this 195 km stage from Cap d’Agde to Perpignan should provide the sprint riders with one last hurrah before the road gets a little hilly and enters the mountains of Spain.

Bordering ‘Espania’, the Spannish influence in this small corner of France is unmistakable with much of the population made up from those escaping Spain during the Civil War. Because of this Perpignan itself is a food and wine lover’s paradise where the very best of Northern Spannish and Cataklan cuisine mix with that of Southern France. With this in mind, if I was sprinting into town I would make sure to get my teeth into a deep bowl of Boles de Picolat, heart catalan meat balls.

1. Peel the carrots, the onions and the garlic. 

2 .Clean the ‘cepes’ or soak them if they are dry.

3. Chop one onion finely together with one clove of garlic and the coriander. Add salt and pepper, and mix this preparation with the minced meat and the eggs.

4. Form into small meatballs, flour generously and brown in olive oil. Keep warm.

5. Brown the sliced carrots in olive oil, add the 2 remaining onions and the thinly sliced garlic as well as the tomato purée and a glass of water. 

6. Simmer for 15 minutes. Add the meat balls, the *cepes and the green olives. Cover with water, add salt and pepper and cook under cover for 45 minutes.

7. Serve immediately with haricot beans or steamed potatoes.

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