Eating The Tour De France Stage 10: Limoges – Issouden. Jargeau

Well rested after a day off in Limoges the riders now take to the flat run across France. Today is Bastille day, a French national holiday and the streets as well as the local restaurants will no doubt be stuffed. And during stage ten of le tour, the legions of fans and journalist will no doubt be stuffing themselves on one of the oldest glories of French gastronomy, the andouille.

The meaty origins of the andouille go back to when Asterix and Obelix were smashing Romans in ancient Gauls and this plump chitterlings sausage made with equal portions of tripe and minced pork all encased in pork gut, is a meat lovers paradise, but not for the faint-hearted. Its name is derived from a Gallo-Roman adjective “dodium”, meaning inflated or rounded and it is guaranteed to leave you the same way. By all accounts the butchers of Jargeau have been making this offal filled sausage for over 800 years, and the town boasts the title of “Capitale de L’Andouille” .Accompanied by stewed beans and mashed potatoes it is best washed down with a good glass of Orléans wine. Here is an easy recipe for Jargeau andouille with sauteed wild mushrooms from the forest of the Loir.

1. Prick your sausages place in a heavy skillet with a little butter and a cup of water. Cook on a low heat until the water evaporates and the andouille start to brown. Turn them with a fork. 

2. Meanwhile, sort through wild mushrooms brushing any dirt from mushrooms.

3. Sweat the shallots and thyme in a little of the butter and oil and then add the Girolle mushrooms and cook gently. 

4. Remove from the pan and cook all the other mushrooms separately in the remaining olive oil and butter.

5. Put all your mushrooms in a sieve and drain to remove any liquid. Finish with salt and pepper and freshly chopped tarragon.

6. Serve with a good hand of fresh parsley. 

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