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Out of bed early this morning and wrapped up in my finest winter gear I took a ride to Richmond in South West London. With warm air roaring from my lungs and evaporating in front of ruddy face, it made for a great start to the day and watching those not enjoying a bracing early morning ride sat in never ending lines of stagnant traffic on there way to wherever they were going, I was again reassured that cycling is the only way to get around London, even in sub zero temperatures. 

And I was not alone for as well as the usual bike commuters, Brompton riders, Lycra-clad city boys and those popping out for some milk I saw one of these…


Is it a recumbent, was it a wheel barrow no it's a Cargobike from Dutchbike.co.uk

This versatile special bike designed by Maarten van Andel is capable of carrying heavy and bulky loads including children! With reassuring stability due to the low center of gravity and rigid monotube construction you can beat the congestion and pollution with one of our specialized family carriers such as the Cargobike pictured above. Dutchbike claim 

"Your children won’t want to get back in the Discovery after they have been taken to school in this bike and you will find how conveniently and easily the shopping is done on the way home."

So long Discovery – Hello Cargo Bike!

For more information and other products visit www.Dutchbike.co.uk

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  1. To read more about cargo bikes do have a read of the superb blog Practicalcyclist.

  2. Bakfietsen are very nice, but of course you don’t actually need a bakfiets in order to cart your children around.
    Most people have child seats on bikes. But in the Netherlands you find that bike shops sell fully equipped bikes already fitted with two child seats as well as mudguards, skirtguards, chainguards, and everything else needed to make for a journey free of stress.

  3. from speaking to some young mothers here in london they are scarred to get on a bike in london let alone put their kids on with them. i guess it comes down to the infrastructure and letting drivers know they have to share the road with cyclist and vice-versaTom Kevill-Davies
    The Hungry Cyclist – Pedalling The World For The Perfect Meal

  4. It’s really about having a high enough level of subjective safety. People won’t take part in anything unless there is an adequate feeling of safety.
    The result is that the school run here looks like this. It’s quite normal in this area for all the children to arrive by bike, which is just as well as when they go on school trips they cycle then too.
    This is only possible with a very high degree of subjective safety. Where it is lower, you find that adults will cycle on their own, but they’ll think twice when their children are involved.
    We organise tours here for campaigners, councillors etc. There is a lot that the UK is getting wrong at the moment, and that’s why the cycling rate remains very low.

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