Duffy Pedals For Coke

Don’t panic, don’t panic our Duffy is not going the same way as Miss Winehouse. You will have to excuse the red-top headline but it seemed  suitable for the news that soulful Brit-collecting Welsh-Warbler Duffy has in fact sold her soul to fizzy drinks giant Diet Coke in a £35 million advert campaign. But on a positive note Diet Coke arn’t just cashing in on the hottest pop-property to come out of the valleys since Charlotte Church, they are also banking on the unstopable rise of cycling in youth culture.

The new ad, launched at this years Brits features our favorite Dusty Springfield impersonator pedalling, somewhat unstably around a supermarket while screeching on about being free?
Showing us no mercy the creative folk and planners at ad agency Mother are no doubt hoping that by taking a chart topping blonde and popping her on a single speed bike will have kids chugging down Diet Coke by the gallon.
I’m not convinced. Miss Duffy looks about as comfortable in the saddle as I would singing at the Brit Awards and the blue screening is awful. Perhaps the bigwigs at Coca Cola towers should follow there own advice, after all you cant beat the real thing.
But that’s enough cynicism from me I’m just happy to see cycling being beamed around the world in such a high profile campaign.


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  1. Of course the buffoons at the Daily Star are doing their usual worst by accusing Duffy of
    “…setting a shocking example to her young fans because she is riding illegally through dark streets without lights or reflectors and is not wearing a helmet…”
    (Before you ask, no I’m not a habitual reader of redtop trash; I picked up the link from the CTC website. :-) )

  2. not habitual – does that mean you get a little fix now and then?

  3. …only when I get the heads-up, as in that article. That’s my story and I’m stuck to it. :-)
    BTW I’m amazed the paper hasn’t gone all holier-than-thou on how dangerous it is to ride a bicycle round a supermarket.
    Damned right! Supposing you collided with some little old lady with a trolley-load of her week’s supply of Guinness?
    There’d be hell to pay for that buckled wheel…

  4. harrie

    and that outfit is a criminal offence in itself.

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