Do You Travel To Eat? BBC Radio 4 Discuss.

I miss the radio when I am cycling and eating in far off lands. There is no better service than the BBC and so you can understand my delight when having made a welcome home cup of tea I was able to settle down with Traveller's Tree on Radio 4. In this episode of BBC Radio Fours Travller's tree Katie Derham celebrates the pursuit of good food as a newly popular reason to travel.

Nowadays we travel to eat. The pursuit of good food has become a
mission and a pleasure on holidays and to examine and celebrate this trend
Katie is joined by Antonio Carluccio, the Number One ambassador for
Italian food and Sarah Miller, editor of Traveller magazine.

This is a subject very close to my heart and a fascinating listen so do follow the links below and enjoy it yourself.


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  1. Hello there Tom! I’m Carolyn Chesshire who appeared on BBC R4 Traveller’s Tree, Monday 10 May 2010 organising the Food Safari and in this instance, a cracking Pig Safari in Shropshire (very Blandings Castle/PG Wodehouse!). The show was great fun to make and anything that highlights the idea of “travel to eat” has to be good in my book. We totally specialise in local, seasonal food and champion all our small-scale micro producers. It’s just obvious, really! I’ll follow you on Twitter, so watch out for Agaqueen! My foodie website is my foodie blog is and my bed & breakfast site from where everything food in my life happens is
    Do get in touch………

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