D is for Denmark: Eating London A to Z – Video Post

There are not many countries in the world beginning with the letter D. Yup, you are limited to the Dominican Republic, Djibouti and Denmark. Here is a video from Madsen a Danish restaurant in South Kensington. A total contrast to the food from the first three letters it was clean, crisp and delicious.

D is for Denmark: an A to Z of World Foods of London from Alastair Humphreys on Vimeo.

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  1. Hi I’m not even sure if there is a Dominican (from Dominica – not Dominican Republic) restaurant in London, but I thought I’d add a another option if you ever decide to repeat D !!!

  2. Fish Oysters

    I have heared lots about Danish restaurant,I can feel the yummy in ur food…This is an excellent video,great watching Ur on Vimeo… http://www.vivamagonline.com Love to c that D is for Denmark,it really deserve this…

  3. many thanks for the kind words – it was great to try some danish food. i loved the herring!
    i am now very inspired to go to denmark to do some cycling and eating…
    Tom Kevill-Davies 
    The Hungry Cyclist – Pedalling The World For The Perfect Meal
    t. 0789 621 5282

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