Cycling In Saigon – Video Post

Oh the joys of modern day travel. Not so long ago if the gutsy traveler wanted to send news home he or she had to wire telegrams, send letters in diplomatic bags or carry home cumbersome film rolls to be developed. Today the modern journeyman can email, video, photograph on gadgets that fit in the tightest of pockets. Many would are this is against the spirit of travel, and at times I agree but with rain lashing the windows here in Ho Chi Min City here is my first attempt at a video and I only hope they get better.

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  1. harrie

    shit, are you still in saigon? ;)
    hope it’s going well, what’s it like? apart from somewhat chaotic on the roads, judging by that…

  2. Hey Tom,
    good to see you in Saigon and using Budget Car and Driver srvices; i am the GM here in Vietnam and Australian a well as an avid cyclist here in road and mountain biking. I will check your website and follow your exploits .. hope you have good insurance buddy
    Simon Fraser

  3. Hey Bubba, looking good, watch your six!

  4. Thats remarkably / surprisingly calming to watch!
    Looking forward to the armchair cycling. Guy

  5. maggie lee

    Hi Tom
    Betty and I were worried about you… didn’t even have your helmet on when you left Madame Cuc’s, better look for the photos though. Hope all is going well,take care. regards maggie

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