Cycling Home For Christmas?

Alas, due to the gentle warming of our dear planet, in little old England snow is now about as scarce as sunshine, good Mexican food and winning the football, and saved only for tasteless window displays in September and freak blizzards in April. 

But for those buggers lucky enough to live in a climate where a child can still dream of a white Christmas the Ktrak is the ultimate winter toy. For no more that 400 bucks, your trusty mountain bike can now be retro converted into a piste-eating snow machine, guaranteed to get the the most miserable hum bug out of his slippers and onto the slopes.


As the video shows the retrofit Ktrak rear drive kit and ski transform an ordinary mountain bike into the ultimate snow mobile. The rear drive is a universal attachment that will fit any mountain bike and provides plenty of traction on previously unrideable surfaces such as snow and sand, giving the Ktrak instant appeal amongst the kind of folk who sprkinkle adrenylin on their cornflakes and liberaly use the word 'rad' in conversation. 

The Hungry Cyclist has his sights on a tour of the Alpes in search of the Perfect Fondue… 

Bend zee kneez!

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