Cycle Girl: A View From Asia – Times Online

Cycle girl: A view from Asia – Times Online .
A great article from Kate Spicer in The Sunday Times, reporting on cycling in India. I am longing to make a tour there as I have no doubt the food will also be superb but here article also fills me with excitement of pedaling in a country where the bicycle is a vital mode of transport for many.

“It’s safe to say, then, that the bike is far and away the most common mode of personal transport. You can rumble through village after village with barely a glimpse of a car. Instead you get a dense tide of antiquated boneshaker bikes, ridden largely by men, sometimes with the missus riding side-saddle in a sari on the back, and a couple of nippers stashed on the crossbar.”

Sounds like paradise and much like the cycling scene in many rural areas of Brazil where owning a bike is vital for the commercial survival of many. 

It is encouraging to see so many more people cycling to work here in London, but what a joy it would be to see a return to local companies making deliveries on bicycles. 

We live in hope. Change the world and bike to work.

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  1. the main roads are terrifying though and the quality of the tarmac the worst i have ever seen in the world
    but the food is, indeed, epic
    and the people the nicest you’ll meet

  2. living in tooting i try and eat curry at least twice a week but the thought of eating indian cuisine very day, makes me want to leave london now! Im planning my next tour to Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos but perhaps I need a change of plan… have you been there.Tom Kevill-Davies
    The Hungry Cyclist – Pedalling The World For The Perfect Meal

  3. i wrote the sunday times piece
    india is the safest place in asia, i reckon, the people are so lovely
    the food’s wicked, yes

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