Climate Rush Pedal Power. June 1st

As the UK Parliament returned from recess for the summer sitting, I joined a happy fleet of cyclist in giving them a warm welcome and giving them a gentle reminder of the trouble they can expect if they continue to ignore climate change.

Ed Miliband (Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and brother of Thunderbird mimic David) is in Bonn this evening, discussing with other ‘world leaders’ the agenda for the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen, and the Pedal Power Gathering certainly gave the ‘leaders’ a taste of the possible civil disobedience they can expect if real climate justice fails to materialize.

It was also the first evening of a coal conference at the illustrious ‘Chatham House’ and everyone who’s anyone, at least in the coal world, was in the house. So gathering in St James's Square at 5pm a group of at least 100 cyclist, on all manner of beats and many dressed in some good old fashioned suffragette garb, begin a bike-ride outside their conference before winding their way through town. 

Bathed in glorious June sunshine we took relaxing ride through central London with some of Londons' finest 'bobbies' helping part the traffic and with not a kettle in sight, shoppers and office workers lined the street of our capital to cheer, photograph, look a little envious and enjoy the glory of our capitals streets taken over by bicycles. After all what better reason is there to leave the house than to embrace the sunshine and join the pedal-powered as they move about town?

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