Chilaquiles – a recipe for stale tortillas

Why?” “What does your bike weigh?” How far do you go in a day?”

You get asked many questions on the road, but no one ever plucked up the courage to ask me how many kilos of tortillas, the Mexican staple, I munched my way through in a week on the road cycling in Mexico.

Buying a half kilo a day The Hungry Cyclist and his Israeli counter-part Amir, have eaten their body weight in Maize and Harina tortillas a few times over but often have to through out more than we want to because of their inability to stay fresh.

This is now a worry of the past having being taught this household favorite that gets rid of your stale tortillas and apparently cures a hangover.

1. Loosely chop the tomatoes and bring to the boil in a little water with salt.

2. Heat the Peron chile on a hot griddle until it is soft and the skin has started to blacken and blister.

3. Strain the tomatoes and add to a blender with the chile and the cream and blend until smooth.

4. Place the broken tortillas in a warm on a low heat.

5. Pour the blended liquid over the warm chips so it covers all.

6. Break your egg in the pan and turn into the mix.

7. Sever on a plate and grate the fresh cheese and add the sliced onion.

8. Garnish with coriander and a little paprika and start dealing with that head ache.


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