Wild Camping On The Mekong Laos/Burma Border – Video Post

Having just read a glorious account of wild camping from ‘our man up a tree’ Nick Weston I thought it only suitable to post a short video on some of the wild camping I got up to in South East Asia. Camping is technically illegal in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China – along with prostitution, deforestation and opium smuggling but don’t let that put you off – it simply adds to the wild factor. Simply find a quite spot off the beaten track, set yourself up get the fire going and enjoy – only don’t forget the mosquito net.

All The Hungry Cyclist Video is shot with a wonderful Creative Vado HD

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  1. Peter Jordan

    Hi Tom,
    I like the videos. Keep it up.

  2. Jillian

    this is amazing…. so beautiful. I’m envious.

  3. Bit more tasty than that one we had on our river trip! Great Vid, really enjoy them, stick up some more!

  4. You said that there were people walking around your campsite picking flowers. Is it okay to camp in areas like this in Laos? Do you worry at all that these people walking about will report you for camping there illegally? That is always one of my fears.

  5. there can be a few worries and its never nice having people pottering about after dark, but my feeling is always that people have better things to do. and the worst that can happen is a copper comes and tells you to move on, if he can be bothered. never happened to me so carry on camping

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