Biking for Obama

Aaaaah! the open road, sun on your back, vast sweeping landscape, country music and a diner- breakfast with enough calories to feed a small nation – it can only be cycle touring in one country. The U.S.A.

Having spent 10 months cycling from New York to San Diego via Canada in 2005 I have been lucky enough to enjoy more than my fare share of miles cycle-touring in America and with its clean roads, pristine National Parks, breath-taking scenery, hospitable locals and gargantuan breakfasts; I believe a  tour in the U.S makes for one of the greatest pedal powered road trips and what better reason to get on the road than the inauguration of a new president.

On the 20th January this year Barrack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of The United States, the free world will have a new leader and a majority will say a cheery cheerio to the Bush era.  But one determined Lycra-clad brother has decided to celebrate this historic moment with a historic ride from L.A to Washington.


Ryan Bowen was so moved by President Elect Barrack Obama’s message of hope and progress it inspired him to get in the saddle and take on the monumental task of biking across his country to further inspire the entire nation to be the change they have desperately sought after. Ryan's superb blog has some stunning photos, quirky videos, and live journals from his 3159 mile ride from Los Angeles to St. Augustine, FL, and 750 miles up the Atlantic Coast to Washington DC. 

 If you read one blog today  - I urge you to read this one

Yes We Can!

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