Bettie’s French Toast

Before I took up cycling I was never much of a breakfast eater.  Now the most important meal of my day.
The local road side dinners in the states are second to none and every night as I put my head down to sleep I had tingles of excitement for what breakfast would hold the next day.

These homage to American road food not only offer huge plates of cheap, energy packed food but the coffees are bottomless, the customers are fascinating and you can make the most of "the facilities" Although a word of warning to any Englishman who uses allot of paper, state side plumbing isn’t up to much. 

Reading the menus in these places is a heart surgeon’s nightmare. Eggs come anyway you want them, with stacks of bacon and home fries on the side. Trios of thick pancakes, the diameter of your plate, come smothered in maple syrup and giant waffles the size of tennis racket heads arrive piled high with blueberries and whipped cream and of course there is the French toast.

This eggy treat has become a huge favorite of the Hungry Cyclist but can be hard to find good one.
Here is the recipe for my best yet from a small diner come gas station on the Bruce Peninsular, Ontario. 

1. Break two free range eggs into a mixing bowl. 
2. Add one tsp of ground cinnamon powder and one tsp of vanilla essence and mix well.
3. Lightly grease the base of your frying pan. (Use a spray oil if you have it) and heat on a low flame. 
4.Cut two thick slices of fresh bread and drag them through the eggy mix on each side. Once drenched place in pan and cook on each side until golden brown. 
5. Enjoy with a little butter and a pot of fresh coffee.

French toast

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