Ben Hur on Bicycles

Salute Citizens!

I have just found this great set of pics on and am now convinced Cycle Chariot racing is surley the future. As fuel prices rocket and F1 costs spiral out of control I have visions of teams of muscle- bound lycra specimins powering around Wembley stadium with Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton in tow. Team Hungry Cyclist will be forming for next season and the selection process is now under way. If you are interested do get in touch. Visigoths and Hooligans need not apply.

Bernie Ecclston remeber you read it here first!

Read the full article here.

'Each horse and chariot were required to complete three turns around thespina or central spine of the circus.  Just as in antiquity, things got a little hairy on the tight turn opposite the starting line.  Ancient sources suggest that seating in that area of the circus was desirable, as one of the attractions of the chariot races were the “shipwrecks” or crashes that occurred when chariots took the tight turn at a high speed.'

Cycle chariot racing

Cycle chariots

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