Because It Is There – Kevin Shannon

In the August 2009 Kevin Shannon will be setting off from his home, in the small village of Mobberley, Cheshire and cycling around the world. Taking on four continents and crossing two oceans he is hoping to be home two years later. No mean feat, as Kevin and his bicycle will no doubt be dealing with sub-zero temperatures, scorching heat, thirst, hunger and physical and mental exhaustion.

With this in mind I was pleased to read Kevin's route is not set in stone. In an age of over-organized, over sponsored, record-breaking media adventures, Kevin's project is wonderfully honest and for a man of his age to be taking on such a task is hugely admirable. Inspired by the words of George Mallory, a fellow resident of Mobberley, Cheshire, Kevin is taking on the world 'because it is there' and this is in the true nature of travel. Kevin is in for the ride of his life and I wish him well.  He will no doubt be fueling his engine on some wonderful food too, and I hope to feature some of his finds in my guest recipe pages soon. Bon chance Kevin!


Dig those Nike trainers! Who said there was no fashion in cycling. Pah!

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