Backpacker Ceviche

After a cold day on cycling in East London, once home I decided to warm up by reading a few journals from my time cycle touring in Mexico. What a country and what cuisine. Sadly this recipe would make most Mexican Chefs turn in their graves but it saved me a few times while camping and think it makes a good, quick and simple starter for these hard economic times. Here it is

“Heaving their heavy back packs on and off the coaches that whiz them from destination to destination, Mexico is full of fellow travelers who follow the aptly named “Gringo Trail” which stretches from southern Mexico down to Chile.With their well thumbed Guide Books, sun burn, sandals, bangles and colorful local clothes they fill the dorms and kitchens of the economical hostels that are found in the towns and cities along the trail. Always happy to save a peso or two, here is a cheap adaptation of classic recipe from Mexico’s pacific coast.”

Serves 5 hungry travelers.

1.Finely chop the tomatoes, cucumber, chili, and onion to a large bowl.
2.Break up the tuna and ad to the bowl mixing through.
3.Now squeeze the juice from the limes into the bowl and mix through the chopped cilantro. Add a few pinches of salt to taste.
4.Sever as soon as possible on the crispy on the tostadas and enjoy with cold beer.

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