Apple & Plum Digestive Crumble – Camping Recipe JOGLE 2010

As a cyclist who loves to eat I often get asked for recipes that cyclist can use while camping on the road. A tasty and nutritious meal is so important at the end of a long day in the saddle, not only to to re-fuel the body but also to warm the soul. But often it can be hard to make that heart-warming dish with limited cooking equipment and space in the panniers.

While cooking for 30 cyclist on this year JOGLE 2010 Slow Food Fast Ride – I was able to put a few new camping recipes to the test. Cycling from Northumberland into Yorkshire the riders were lucky enough to camp on the 16th hole of  Keighley Golf Club. Arriving just before dark I could see the satisfaction in the riders faces for completing another grueling days ride in aid of What's Driving Parkinson's and their relief to see three large pots steaming away with their supper. In one was an energy packed pork and bean casserole, the second was loaded with creamy mash and in the third was an apple and plum digestive crumble.

Everyone loves a crumble and the sweet fruit is a perfect treat at the end of the day. By using digestives the hard work is done already and by all means use other seasonal fruits to add something special to the mix. I think peaches and blackberries would be amazing!

serves 2

1. Place the apples, plums sugar and cinnamon in a pan with the water and simmer over a gentle heat.

2. Cook for half an hour until the consitency of the ingredients is like rough jam.

3. Open the digestives into a plastic bag and smash until the contents id like rough sand.

4. Mix the smashed biscuits with the butter with your hands until blended.

5. Remove the apples and plums from the heat and layer the biscuuit mix onto in one even layer.

6. Return to to the heat for a further 20 minutes.

7. Serve with fresh cream or ice cream if you are cying in Siberia.




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