Al Humphreys Walks Through India

Al Humphreys writes books, he runs marathons, he takes mean photos, he rows, he kayaks and he cycles around planets. He has also just walked across India following the river Kaveri.

The river Kaveri is one of the great holy rivers of India, revered by pilgrims for centuries. From its source amongst the coffee and cardamom plantations in the cool hills of the Western Ghats, the river flows 500 miles across southern India towards the hot plains of Tamil Nadu and the Bay of Bengal. Al decided to walk from one coast of India to the other, following the river Kaveri from the coast all the way up to its source, then dropping down through the mountains to the Arabian Sea.

He travelled light, carrying only a small pack, sleeping under the stars and cooking on campfires, or staying in small villages.

Walking across India: an introduction from alastair Humphreys on Vimeo.

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