Be Like the Hovis boy !

Blimey this advert takes me back… I have just found this great post on A View From The cycle Path by David Hembrow. By following the link below you can turn your trusty steed into a bakers boy bike and be the envy of all your friends.  But before you leave this site take a moment to watch the advert directed by none other than the mighty Ridley Scott. He clearly enjoyed his loaf…

"Get it inside you boy and you'll be going up that hill as fast as you go down it"

A view from the cycle path – David Hembrow: Be like the Hovis boy

Frontrack - David Hembrow

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  1. harrie

    flippin’ ‘eck, have you only just seen that?? it’s been one of my favourite ads for months! but not for the bike, i like the history :)

  2. bit slow on the uptake – never knew it was ridley scott!Tom Kevill-Davies
    The Hungry Cyclist – Pedalling The World For The Perfect Meal

  3. harrie

    yeah, he’s done some good things, old ridley (and some less good things, like “numb3rs” which i can’t get to grips with at all. but it is a fabulous ad, in terms of social history :)
    actually just before xmas there was an amazing bike on ebay that if it hadn’t been so wildly expensive i was thinking of getting you for xmas – it was a barbecue bike, quite old i think, that had a grill and chimney on the front and a place for your chestnuts or bacon or whatever on the back. it was fantastic!

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