A Simple Camping Spot In Southern Loas – Video Post

The very nature of cycle touring on a budget means that more often than not you don’t get a bed to rest your weary bones at the end of the day. Punctures, hills, long lunches and other distraction often mean that finding a temple or guest house to sleep in is impossible. I normally start looking for a place to sleep or camp an hour before it gets dark and here is a typical campsite I picked hidden amongst some rubber trees in Southern Laos.

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  1. tea in oxford

    Hi Tom
    Nothing came through on my RSS feed for a few weeks and I was beginning to think you must have run into trouble. But this morning there was a flood of new stuff, right up to date. Glad all’s well with you – looking good, mate!
    I mentioned in an earlier (well, my only other) comment that I’d really liked your Americas book. If you’re interested, my review is at http://tinyurl.com/yccu72m

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